If you are planning to have a new boiler installation or boiler replacement, perhaps as part of a home renovation project or because your old heating system is simply getting old, you may be wondering about when the best time is to have that boiler replacement done. As boilers do not always stop working when you decide it is time to get a new boiler replacement, a boiler installation is not always easy to arrange in terms of when it is genuinely needed.

If you do decide to plan for a boiler replacement and boiler installation, it may be worth thinking about when would be the most convenient time for you, as a new boiler replacement and boiler installation can usually cause some minor disruption within your home, so think about how to plan this at your convenience. 

So the real question is – Is there a better time of year to have a new boiler replacement?

 During the time when you are having a boiler installation,  you will be unable to access heat or hot water for the time the work is being done. For this reason, many homeowners decide that they want a boiler installation done during the summer months, when they do not require heat or hot water as much as they do during the colder months. 

Put simply, doing a boiler installation during summer is generally thought to be less disruptive as you can cope better without heat for a day or two, something not advised in winter. 

For many people, however,a new boiler installation is done out of necessity, when a boiler breaks down or starts to become old and unreliable. If this does occur in winter, getting a boiler replacement  as soon as possible is the best advice we can give.