When you are planning a home renovation or home remodelling project, one step that may get lost amid all the tempting ideas and clever remodeling tips involves a very practical question: How will you store your stuff while it’s happening, and do you need to find a storage company in London?  

Doing a major renovation job or full scale refurbishment of your home means you have many of the same issues that you would have if you were actually moving, such as needing a storage service and long term storage in London for the duration of the work. 

From moving things from one room to another, having to keep things outside and exposed to the weather, and the general inconvenience of stuff lying around your home while work is going on, it makes sense to use a moving storage London facility and to find a storage company in London that offers flexible storage and cost options. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your storage company needs.



As a storage company in London we offer portable storage options and for some people, it is a great solution, especially for customers who  don’t have a garage, an extra room, or a friend who can help. With this kind of storage service London clients get a container delivered to their door, which they can then fill and have driven to a secure removal storage London location. We are one of the storage companies London clients use when they want this 8-foot container, which is perfect for storing a room or two of stuff.



As an established storage company in Londo we offer long term storage and a range of storage services for London clients who want a flexible choice of a storage unit in a safe and secure self-storage facility.