timber sash windows London

Timber Windows London – Things You Should Know

What is a Timber Sash Window?

When we talk about wooden windows, ‘timber sash windows’ are one of the most well known kinds, but what is in the name?  Let’s look at what timber sash windows are. Put simply, timber sash windows contain one or more moveable, sliding panels, ‘sashes’, set inside a wood frame, as seen in many wooden windows London wide.

There are many variations on these wooden windows: if only the lower sash is movable while the upper sash is fixed, this is known as a single-hung sash window, whereas if both sashes are moveable, this is known as a double-hung sash window. As you can see, there are sash windows options for London property owners.

Sash Windows: How do they Work?

Sash windows in London properties are fully-assembled, and come with the inner workings of a pulley system, counterweights, and heavy-duty cords. A sash window can be slid vertically (and sometimes horizontally depending on style) within the timber sash windows frame to any chosen position. Thanks to hidden weights inside, one or both sashes remain in the open position without sliding closed, making sash windows London favourites.

One of the key benefits of double-hung sash timber windows London citizens will always tell you about is air-flow in and out of their property that they allow for. By opening both sashes equal amounts, the top sash window allows warm or stale air to escape, while the bottom sash draws in cooler, cleaner air from outside, one of the benefits of sash windows in London homes.

What is a Timber Casement Window?

When looking for timber windows London homeowners often select timber casement windows. These wooden windows open outward, much like a door, as they have hinges on either side of the window frame. For timber casement windows, a cranking system is in place. When installing timber casement windows London customers know that they deliver multiple benefits when compared to other types of frame, including superior clarity, easy maintenance and better ventilation, making casement windows the wooden windows of choice across London.