We all know that temperatures must be below freezing for weeks in order for the top layer of earth to be frozen ground. When it comes to basement construction, London landowners are well aware that it is possible that the land is not frozen throughout most of the winter, meaning that a basement company can do basement excavation in London most of the year round, even in winter. When temperatures are below freezing and ice and snow come into the picture, basement excavation London based work can be affected.

Snow and Ice
Any basement company in London will tell you that there are potential dangers when you mix snow and ice with a basement excavation project. For one, basement contractors in London are more susceptible to injuries on the job if they slip and fall, and secondly, mixing water with electrical equipment can also be dangerous and problematic.

Using an experienced basement company and trained basement contractors, London clients can feel more secure about safety, as they will know the best ways to work around bad weather, such as using tarps to cover the construction area during a snowstorm.

Consistent Below-Freezing Temperatures
As anyone who has ever done a basement excavation in London can attest, freezing temperatures can make the ground become rock hard and very challenging to dig out. It isn’t often that temperatures stay below freezing at all hours of the day for weeks at a time. The ground can be soft and pliable if the sun is coming out and warming it.

Doing a basement excavation or building a basement in London during winter means that, of course, cold temperatures essentially change the way things are done. That said, with an experienced team of basement contractors, tweaking a project to accommodate cold weather is just a regular day on the job. With a trusted team, you don’t have to worry about how they are going to execute the project.