Building a Basement London Prices: How much do I want to spend?
As any basement company London-based team can tell you, building a basement is not cheap, but it doesn’t need to be too expensive either. Put simply, basement construction means digging up the foundations under your home, which is never going to be simple or really cheap, but there are things that can mitigate the cost involved, and when building a basement London customers need to know what these things are and consider how much to spend based on what space and value you get in return.

Do I Have Room to Expand Anywhere Else in the Property?
As we said above, when doing basement construction London homeowners know that digging under their house is never going to be a really cheap project. With this in mind, before building a basement London homeowners should consider whether their property has the potential to expand elsewhere. This can be adding a rear extension, or a two-story extension, depending on planning and property types. When considering basement construction London homeowners should be aware that they are not the best way to add space if you want natural light, which something like a loft extension could deliver better. As any basement company London outfit can attest, looking for the best way to create more space in your home is not always going to be solved by building a basement.

Is My Current Basement Wet or Dry?
When doing a basement construction that involves building a whole new foundation wall this isn’t a massive consideration as you will have easy access to build a great waterproofing system. When keeping your existing foundation and creating a new foundation inside the old one when building a basement London homeowners could encounter have complicated issues with waterproofing that may make this not the best approach, to consult a professional basement company.